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Karva health is a medical ecosystem that integrates the constituents of a traditional healthcare system, to prevent burnout among healthcare professionals. We believe that stress and burnout are not just like any other medical condition that can be treated with an off-the-shelf medicine, but rather, it's prevention is a reviving journey on which you have to set on daily.


We are enabling

healthcare workers balance work and life.

Throughout our validation, we noticed that it is

extremely difficult for doctors to maintain their work-life balance, as the work usually follows home. Sometimes, even while sleeping. But with us, doctors can always maintain that balance whenever and wherever.

Purpose-driven team.

Driving the best outcomes for physicians and healthcare workers.


Atharva Gajendragadkar



Astika Saxena


Our story

On 12th March this year, WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic.
Since then, it has affected millions all over the world. Healthcare
workers are and still continue to remain one of the most affected
due to the pandemic. As more people fell prey to the virus each
day, healthcare workers are being pushed to their limits, driving
them to burnout.

Having friends and families on the front-lines who are working 16 hours a day, isolated from their families, holding onto their pee till the end of the day due to the lack of PPE kits was inhuman to hear. Despite a first-hand working experience in a healthcare setting, despite being non-coders, the situation didn't stop our motivation from trying something more than simply saying thank you.

Thus, Karva Health was born in April this year with the purpose of bringing out better outcomes in healthcare workers.

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Our vision is to integrate and de-stigmatize the

healthcare system, creating an ecosystem of care

for the physicians and their institutions.