Take care of yourself,

while you take care

of others.

Completely confidential.

Personalised care for reducing healthcare burnout. 

In minutes. In your scrubs.

Start practicing efficiently.

Healthcare app designed for you, when you need it the most.

Your well-being is vital.

Burnout has a direct impact on the health professional and

an indirect impact on the entire healthcare system.

Medication errors

Spreading hospital-

acquired Infections

Poor quality

of healthcare

Loss of empathy

towards patients

For yourself.

"It's an


Forbes, 2018

"It's a public

health crisis."

Harvard, 2018

How it works.

Designed to integrate into your work, within a minute.

Measure your burnout with our clinically validated and confidential quiz. 

Get your personalised
burnout-reduction plan, tailored to your lifestyle.

Follow your plan and take daily worktamins to reduce your burnout.

Completely confidential.

You-centered care.

A novel approach to healthcare professional well-being that ensures you remain at your optimum. All around the clock.

Stress reduction plans based on your burnout level 

De-stigmatize by a like-minded community

Holistic care for your mental and sleep health

Analysis and tips to further reduce burnout

Effortlessly integrated with

your practice

Complete data security and privacy

An urgency like

never before.


Showed signs of depression



Have high burnout


Burnout begins when you stop looking after yourself.

Measure your burnout today

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All rights reserved. 2020.

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